Zeta Nu Sigma Rhoers Club

  • Rhoer Club induction


    The Zeta Nu Sigma Rhoer Club was chartered on April 4th, 2011 with the induction of 7 young women, becoming the the first Rhoer Club in New England.  Those young women are:


    Shauntae Baker     Michon Joseph
    Nnemdi Azubuko Radiet Abate 
    Amarilis Velez  Ariana Walderman
    Jasmyn Loisel  




    What exactly is the Rhoer Club?

    The Rhoer Club is an affiliate of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. consisting of high school aged girls with high scholastic ambitions.  Some think of it as a high school mini sorority!

    What do you do in the Rhoer Club?

    The program consists of training and guidance in the areas of sisterhood, scholarship, and service.  Rhoers meet twice a month and partciapte in community service activities with members of the Sorority.  


    What are the goals of the Rhoer Club?

    The goals of the program are: to train and guide young women for leadership and exceptional womanhood which will enable them to make valuable contributions to society, both in their chosen fields of endeavors and in service to fellow humans.  The Rhoer Club seeks to inspire, encourage and challenge young women to make the most of themselves in terms of their talents for vocations. The Sorority strives to help them develop broad and wholesome attitudes toward life and society.


    What do you do after you graduate from high school?

    The Rhoer Club encourages the young women to seek higher education. If the young lady pursues a four-year college degree education, the young lady is encouraged to join the Sorority. If the young lady chooses a vocational training program, then the young lady is encouraged to join the Sorority’s adult affiliate known as Philos.


    Are there any fun sessions?

    Yes, there is plenty of fun scheduled. Social gatherings, field trips in and out of state, big sister get together, campus tours, step shows, and much more!


    How do I find out more information?

    Please contact the Zeta Nu Sigma Chapter Rhoer Club Co-Advisor by clicking here